Continuous Filament Needle Punched Long Fiber PP Nonwoven Geotextile


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Continuous Filament Needle Punched Long Fiber PP Nonwoven Geotextile

Geotextile is usually made from a synthetic polymer such as polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) etc. raw material and processed by woven & needle punched non woven or heat bonded methods. It is used as protection, filtration or separation layer alternative to diverse terrain such as soil, rock, sand and so on, also the UV Resistance and Thermal Bonded etc. performance is available.
non woven geotextile
Continuous Filament Needle Punched GEOTEXTILE
Product Description
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1. General Introduction of  Geotextile:

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, drain or seal. Typically made from polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP), geotextile fabrics come in two basic forms: woven & nonwoven (Needle-punched or Thermal-bonded).

Geotextile is usually used for filtration, isolation, reinforcement or preservation, with the characteristics of high tensile strength, good penetrability, freezing durability, aging & corrosion resistance, etc.

The nonwoven geotextile can be made of long fiber or short fiber with different mechanical properties. With inter-fiber space, it has very good adhesive power. The soft surface gives it high tearing strength, deformability as well as flat drainage ability. The soft and interspaced surface guarantees good friction coefficient, which enables it to absorb small soil grains. This can prevent the soil from being washed away, meanwhile it realizes water discharging. Moreover, the soft surface gives protection to the facilities below.

2. Characteristics of  Geotextile:

1) High tensile strength; Produced with PET or PP fiber, CNBM geotextile can maintain good tensile strength and elongation in both dry and wet environment.
2) Made of chemical fiber, CNBM geotextile has good burying, hydrolyzation, microbial & corrosion resistibility, as well as wet mechanical property. Besides, it has the ability to resist high & low temperature, ultraviolet and chemicals (chemical stability);
3) CNBN geotextile is permeable material, so it has inverse filtering & isolation ability; While the fluffy texture gives it very good drainage ability;
4) It has good anti-punctuation ability, which gives under-layers good protection;
5) With good friction coefficient & tensile strength, geotextile has good earth work reinforcement ability.
6) Soft & light, easy for transportation & application.

3. Application of  Geotextile:
1) Hydraulic Engineering: Inverse filtering & protection in reservoir dam, earth rock cofferdam, tunnel, gutter way, etc; Protection for impervious layer in artificial lake, river-way, reservoir, etc;
2) Road Works: Drainage work in retaining wall, road side slope, roadbed, under-layer of railway & airfield runway, interlayer for roadbed & pavement in highway & asphalt road (for drainage, isolation & reinforcement);
3) Harbor Engineering: Isolation of soft soil and rock block in cofferdam, dock and sea back;
4) Landfill Site Projects: Isolation & protection of impervious layer and basement, isolation of filter material & waste in land fill site;
5) Landscape Engineering: Isolation between green plant layer & base in landscape planting projects;
6) Other Usage: Drainage & reinforcement for ground work (increase its bearing capacity); Isolation & impervious layer for power plant, mill tailings, etc.

4. Technical Data for  Polyeter Long Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile:

Density Thickness Breaking Strength Elongation of Fracture CBR Bursting Strength Vertical Penetration Parameter Equivalent Aperture
g/m2 mm KN/m % KN cm/s O95 mm
65 1.2 2.8 40 ~ 80 0.7 K x (10-1 ~ 10-3)

(K = 1.0 ~ 9.9)
0.07 ~ 0.2
75 1.4 3.3 0.8
100 1.6 5.0 0.95
150 1.52 7.5 1.5
160 2.0 8.5 1.60
200 2.4 11 2.10
250 2.8 14 2.60
300 3.4 16 3.20
400 4.0 21



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