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cement canvas is a new product with revolutionary materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats used as an alternative to conventional concrete. It is a flexible, concrete filled geotextile that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and low-carbon concrete layer.Essentially, it's concrete on a roll.

Item Thickness/mm

      Area of roll/square


        Density kg/square


cc10-1 10 10 15 1.6
cc10-2 10 10 15 2

Remark:Special specification and size can be customized according to requirement of contract or agreement



cement canvas Installation


1, preparation work

First, we must plan and measure to ensure a certain slope so that the water flow can flow smoothly from the upper end to the lower end. Secondly, after the construction site is cleaned and leveled, the construction line is set according to the design drawing, and the drainage slope is re-measured.

2, excavation

Set the construction line according to the design requirements, the sides of the ditch need to be leveled, and the slope inside the ditch must not have any virtual soil and empty holes. It is necessary to treat the water damage parts in a tamping manner, except for debris and gravel in the slope. If necessary, use ash soil for compaction treatment, or grouting and reinforced to seal, and the treated parts are required to have good stability.

3, laying

The material can be laid vertically and horizontally. Be sure to level the substrate, otherwise it will affect the appearance quality!

4, seam processing

4.1. The lateral width of the adjacent two cement blankets is 10cm wide and the depth is doubled.

Place the cement blanket joint at the stack and flatten it.

4.2. Press the cement blanket above the cement blanket in the direction of the water flow, and the superimposed area shall not be less than

4.3 Evenly apply sealant at the seam.

4.4 Fix two pieces of cement blanket with 5*38mm stainless steel screws

4.5 groove along the treatment

Fix the edge of the material on the edge of the groove with rivets, and fix it with rivets, fix it and use it.

The soil covers the edge

4.6 watering solidification

Before the watering, it is necessary to inspect and check the whole of the laying. After passing the water, it can be watered!

It needs to be watered 9kg (thickness is calculated in 10m) to be poured, and it must be poured less, evenly from the edge to the middle.

Sprinkle water, preferably by spraying, the flow rate is 4000ml/min until the color of the cement blanket becomes darker.

Do not use a water column with a high pressure! Do not step on the water after pouring water. When the temperature is ≤ 5 °C, take insulation measures.

When the average temperature of day and night is higher than 30 °C, the surface should be covered with plastic film or geotextile, etc.

Keep wet, watering and curing time should not be less than 3 days.




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